Saturday, May 22, 2010

.Facebook #1.

Heboh di facebook memperkatakannya tentang isu ni,saya pon nk amik kesempatan nk tepek peringatan ni kt cni la. (:

I gt this from 1 of my friend : "Tomorrow is a very challenging day for Muslims around the world. Because tomorrow on the INTERNET, a few non- Muslims are organizing a horrible event - Draw MUHAMMAD (S. A. W), day. So as Muslims we have to bycott this event. So tonight at "12am", just log off from all social sites such......... as: Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, and many more. By doing this these people will face a heavy financial loss INSYAALLAH. It's time to show our LOVE and RESPECT for our NABI MUHAMMAD (S. A. W). Please forward this text to as MANY people as you can. I hope we can do at least this much for our Prophet (S.A.W). Visit the CNN."

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