Saturday, November 21, 2009

.Pisau Cukur VS 2012.

which one is better?
probably this is my question before I had watched both of it.but, after I've watched bith of it, i would say that 2012 is better than Pisau Cukur.that's it! for 2012, everything was okay, but it is quite confused when the passenger are saved from the end of the world.. but instead of these, I enoyed the movie. The next film I watched was Pisau Cukur, the plot seems like okay, but I am dissapointed with the enviroment which is the situation on the cruise..It was obviosly fake because they just put it in that way. As a viewer, this thing could ever spoiled my mood.
But at the end of it,I still enjoyed my day.

footnote:maraton tgk movie.xtau pe syaitan yg merasok jiwa ini..kahkah! (",)

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